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The Board of Directors

 Founded in 2024

We are thrilled to introduce you to the passionate leaders who make up our foundation's board of directors. Each member has been entrusted with overseeing one of our core promises, ensuring that our foundation's mission is upheld and our impact is far-reaching. Together, they collectively offer expertise, vision, and dedication, working tirelessly to drive positive change in their respective areas of focus. 

Dr. Carol Sprinker

Dr. Carol Sprinker, passionate about public service, serves as the Executive Director and Secretary of The Wright Promise. As a Beaver County native, her educational journey began at Riverside High School, followed by transformative learning experiences at Duquesne University and The University of Pittsburgh. 


With a robust background in education spanning Beaver and Allegheny Counties, Dr. Sprinker is known for her passionate advocacy for public education. Her current role as a Regional Service Specialist with the PA Principals Association underscores her commitment to educational excellence. Additionally, she leads as the President of the Blackhawk School Board of Directors and contributes her time to the Jumet Charitable Foundation, emphasizing her dedication to the community's educational growth. 


Beyond her professional endeavors, Carol cherishes moments with her husband and two sons. They share a deep love for the outdoors, indulge in travel adventures, and find solace in worship at Pathway Church, nurturing a balanced and fulfilling family life alongside her impactful career in education. 


Bryan Wright 

Born and raised in Beaver County, Bryan Wright currently resides in Chippewa Township with his wife, two kids, and three dogs. Bryan is the co-founder and president of The Wright Promise.  In addition to being a proud husband and father, he is also a passionate entrepreneur who specializes in business startups and strategic growth. Bryan has started over 25 businesses ranging from commercial traffic control, civil construction, real estate, staffing, and insurance. Bryan also serves as a Chippewa Township supervisor and is dedicated to community development and outreach.  

Stefanie Wright 

A kind, compassionate friend to all, Stefanie Wright is the co-founder of The Wright Promise.  Currently residing in Beaver Falls, Stefanie is a proud alumnus of Big Beaver Falls Area School District and Sewickley Valley Hospital School of Nursing.  Dedicated to the well-being of others, Stefanie displays her generosity and love through volunteerism and contributions to charitable causes.  Stefanie is a devoted wife to her husband Bryan, mother to a daughter and son, and a passionate advocate for mental health.  Stefanie’s ultimate goal is to spread awareness in the mental health industry to foster positive change, support those facing challenges, and improve the general well-being of others.  In giving her time and talents, Stefanie envisions making a lasting impact in the community and leaving a legacy of compassion and love for future generations.  


Nicol Summers 

Nicol Summers serves as the Treasurer for The Wright Promise. An accomplished Accounting/Payroll professional, Nicol has spent the past decade consulting with numerous school districts across Beaver and Allegheny counties. Originally from Kersey, PA, she graduated from St. Vincent College with a B.S. in Accounting, where she also met her husband, David Summers, with whom she has shared 27 years of marriage. 


Residing in Rochester Township, Nicol is a devoted mother to her two sons, DJ (22) and Dawson (19). Her interests include immersing herself in literature, enthusiastically supporting her sons at collegiate basketball games, and demonstrating her passion for service through volunteering initiatives. 


Nicol's commitment to financial stewardship coupled with her dedication to family and community involvement reflects her multifaceted and impactful contributions to The Wright Promise and beyond. 

Castine Allmond 

Castine Allmond, a resident of Beaver County, holds a Missions Degree from Geneva College. As a dedicated business owner and consultant, she facilitates work environments, spearheads training initiatives, and excels in areas such as hiring and marketing, prioritizing teamwork and operational efficiency.

Castine engages in local church leadership boards and community groups, channeling her passion for outreach and support into meaningful initiatives. Her commitment extends to serving on mission and planning boards for non-profits, and contributing to community engagement efforts.

Castine is dedicated to growth, collaboration, and change within both professional and communal spheres. 

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